36 Best Creative and Responsive AMP Components Compilation for 2018

Free AMP Header Demo

AMP Header

Right here, you are able to see an awesome AMP Header element. This kind of component can enable you to employ a mobile-friendly header in to your site. As well, it is completely free and available for operation.

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Responsive AMP Menu Demo

AMP Menu

Use this easy and handy AMP Menu feature if you plan to ensure your site functioning faster on mobile phones. Generate a working navigating menu in a matter of moments.

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Free AMP Footer Demo

AMP Footer

AMP Footer is, without a doubt, very most excellent free and simple device that you are able to utilize in the event you wish to make your internet site more useful, captivating and mobile.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Map Template


Use this absolutely reliable AMP Map Component right now and apply it to your website. Set up a map element to show your business to the client and inspect its handy convenience and responsiveness.

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Free AMP Video Demo

AMP Video

AMP Video is certainly a optimal selection for internet site makers who like to create a incredibly modern and captivating site, plus effective and quick on mobile products. Apply AMP Video feature to fulfill all of these targets and don't worry anymore about the rate of speed of site loading on the smart phones.

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Mobile AMP Image Example

AMP Image

Utilizing these particular awesome AMP Image themes are going to permit you to insert various illustrations on your website with no loss of speed of your website loading. Build cool illustration demonstrations and gain extra customers to your mobile-friendly website.

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Mobile AMP Article Demo

Take these amazing AMP Article theme in case you intending to provide a big sum of informational text message content with your clients and likewise you wish to deliver for them a quick access and swift running on the mobile tools.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Navigation Template

AMP Navigation

In the event that you need to build a functional, quick and as well mobile-friendly navigation menu on your web site, then we advise you explore this multi-functional and totally free AMP Navigation component.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Basic Template Demo

AMP Basic

AMP Basic Design template is the perfect and some of the absolute most practical tool for generating an attractive and quick web site menu. Download and test here and now.

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Responsive AMP Portfolio Demo

AMP Portfolio

Allow us to demonstrate you this amazing AMP Portfolio design template. This template can surely be applied to present your competent services and/or business. Moreover, the template is completely free for any sort of utilization and mobile-friendly.

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Mobile AMP eCommerce Demo

AMP eCommerce

AMP eCommerce web template is the most recommended decision for designing a great appearing and working on-line store that will definitely get the job done nicely on the smart phones as well as on all of the other systems. You can surely check this template in practice without any purchasing.

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Free AMP One Page Template

AMP One Page

Each time you are generating a landing web page it is definitely important to, initially, get it operational, without any malfunctions and, a second crucial thing to work on is to adjust this web-site for mobile platforms . To produce your landing page fast and useful on all of the mobile devices apply this AMP One Page Example.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Layout Example

AMP Layout

Please, do not hold back to put on this useful AMP Layout example to observe its terrific advantages. With AMP you are going to enhance the loading rate of your internet site on all of the mobile phone devices.

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Mobile AMP Landing page Demo

AMP Landing page

In case you intend your target market to utilize your brand and improve the performance of your projects, then you need to, firstly, boost the rate of your web site pages. AMP Landing page template provides an efficient option for you to present customers a more efficient practical experience in all of the means-- on advertising campaigns, landing webpages or even more impressive web site.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Website Builder - Examples

AMP Website Builder

Explore this page for great, mobile-friendly and totally free AMP templates. Provided good examples are highly stylish and handy , they help you with customizing your website for mobile devices requirements and sharing related information around your service with the audience.

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Free AMP Header Demos

AMP Header

Listed here, we've got for you amazing and responsive AMP headers that you have the ability to use and insert on your website pages with no complications. These headers are simply developed in a specific way - all of them are certainly light in weight and will save quickness of webpage loading on any kind of device.

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Free AMP Images & Videos Examples

AMP Images & Videos

Having various media content on the website is really cause its effect on the website functionality and efficiency. However, these light, mobile-friendly and effective AMP Images & Videos are the greatest alternative to deal with the concern of the lagging web pages. Each of the web templates are responsive and ready for handling and will surely appear attractive on any sort of device and resolution.

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Responsive AMP Testimonials & Info Templates

AMP Testimonials & Info

Employ this AMP review forms web template on your web pages to get feedbacks and posts from your happy clients. All of them are easy to use - it is certainly not demands any coding skills and you can personalize it as you like. With this AMP Testimonials, you will safe loading quickness and performance of the mobile version of your website.

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Mobile AMP Features Demos

AMP Features

Sites and commercials created operating the AMP form, giving its users a great and a lot more enjoyable practical experience on mobile gadgets and also on the desktop computer. Publishers and advertisers are totally free to decide on precisely how to expose their material and what modern technology to operate.

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Free AMP Articles Demos

AMP Articles

Here you are able to notice some other simple AMP template that can surely be used for blogging website. AMP Article design template handles any modern-day devices and it is totally responsive, free and uncomplicated for application even when you are not actually a professional coder.

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Responsive AMP Maps & Social Examples

AMP Maps & Social

Supposing that you have a flourishing and developing organisation you might just need to make it even greater by sharing amazing info about it in social media systems and with exposing its address on your organisation website. If so, then this ready-made, free of cost and mobile-friendly map & social design template will, obviously, help you with this.

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Mobile AMP Footers Demos

AMP Footers

Footer is an essential part of a web page, which is an incredible location to show your audience some handy relevant information like contacts, social urls of your company , and lots of other items. This is the explanation we want to supply you all these wonderful AMP Footer web templates, that can easily be incorporated as a customised block for any internet site of yours.

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Responsive AMP Extension - Demos

AMP Extension

On this webpage you will certainly look for each of the presented here web templates. Feel free to operate them as you want to.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Headers Examples

Black AMP Headers

Black AMP is undoubtedly an extremely original design template, based upon the AMP site maker techniques. Right here, you are able to discover an outstanding AMP Header element. This kind of component can certainly really help you to incorporate a mobile-friendly headers into your site.

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Mobile Black AMP Sliders Demos

Black AMP Sliders

Sometimes a simple photo gallery is not sufficient - you wish to establish an appealing and cool demonstration with your media content. In this way, Black AMP sliders can surely support you to create this kind of presentation, which in turn is not only effective but in addition does not cause your websites become large and slow.

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Free Black AMP Images & Videos Demos

Black AMP Images & Videos

With Black AMP template you can place in the webpages of your website any pictures and video recordings you want to. A wonderful advantage is that this particular function as well assisted on any sort of mobile device.

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Free Black AMP Features Demos

Black AMP Features

Black AMP extension does not expect any coding or programming knowledge. All elements and attributes are customisable and can be added to any area of the website.

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Responsive Black AMP Articles Demos

Black AMP Article

In the case that you have a blog website or aiming to generate one you might actually be interested to take a look at this cost-free template. It is trendy, responsive, mobile-friendly and also is very easy to use, even though you are not a skilled professional with sites constructing.

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Free Black AMP Teams Template

Black AMP Teams

It is definitely not a top secret that excellent things are frequently developed by not simply one person, however with the team of professional people. In case you are having such squad and would like to present these proficient people to your customers we intend to advise you Black AMP teams template, that enables you to perform such sort of task.

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Free Black AMP Toggles & Tabs Demos

Black AMP Toggles & Tabs

Toggles and tabs are extremely handy if you would like to show on your website different details about your products and services or perhaps simply just would like to post some important information. Introduced here design template is wonderful for this goal of yours, and, of course, it is completely free and ready for handling.

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Mobile Black AMP Testimonials Examples

Black AMP Testimonials

Many people, nearly, wants to know what exactly other individuals thinking about them. This statement pertains to business as well. To analyze the reaction and customer review from your clients on the end results of your hard work utilize these completely free and easy comment design templates.

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Mobile Black AMP Info & Social Demos

Black AMP Info & Social

Social media systems these days are incredibly big component of our life. Daily a growing number of people are utilizing them for different purposes and it would certainly be foolish to not utilize social networking websites for advancing your web site and developing it so much more well-liked. And right here you can surely make use of Black AMP Social web template that is a very beneficial method for social factor of your internet site.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Maps Templates

Black AMP Maps

Try this completely working AMP Map Attribute right now and apply it to your internet site. Make a map feature to introduce your business to the target market and inspect its handy usefulness and responsiveness.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Forms Templates

Black AMP Forms

Black AMP Form web template is simply a compact , effortless to customise to your own needs, and, what exactly is necessary, it performs nicely on any sort of tool. A most ideal decision for your web site .

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Mobile Black AMP Footers Templates

Black AMP Footers

Black AMP Footer template is, certainly, very most optimal cost-free and essential device that you are able to utilize in the event you need to create your site even more useful, eye-catching and mobile.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Template

Black AMP extension

Go with this link to review each of the showcased in this article design templates of Black AMP extension. Everything is totally free and practical to apply.

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